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Our Past

Wanting to intelligently utilise his staff’s downtime during late-night hours, Murray Bell began Whitestone Post delivering local business mail through his taxi company, Whitestone Taxis.

While the original intention was to deliver local mail overnight to provide some financial relief for their taxi business, a much greater opportunity emerged.

Established on the idea that local people can deliver a superior postal service for local people, Whitestone Post developed from a small business into a nationally registered postal delivery service with delivery agreements for mail delivered outside our coverage areas.

Our Present

Expanding to the Manawatu and Horowhenua in 2017, Whitestone developed from humble beginnings to the regions #1 Postal Aggregator – collating mail from Manawatu and Horowhenua Businesses gives Whitestone the ability to offer collective savings and consistent, quicker, delivery timeframes.

Both regions offer a PO Box Clearance service, with flexible options from daily to weekly clearance of your PO Box. Saving your business time and money while remaining secure in the knowledge your mail will be delivered to you on time, every time

Our Future

With more business looking to find staffing efficiencies and remote working options, Whitestone invested in the latest technology to  offer cost-effective Mail Processing solutions to print, fold and insert anything from advertising materials to monthly invoicing.

We can intelligently barcode your items and add variable content, so that the material your customer receives is targeted to their needs, without the normal manual labour involved.

Both North & South Island locations are equipped with identical processing power, reducing the need for inter-island transfers to acheive faster processing of your item no matter where your sending it from!

Solutions For All Businesses

At Whitestone, we take pride in finding solutions that works for you.

From full print & production, 1 letter to 1000’s sent anywhere in New Zealand, we have a solution!

Our pre-paid envelopes and collection services are available in our service areas, but our Print2Post and Smart Mail are available anywhere you are with an internet connection!

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